Dec 122014

Universal Combination Range (1921) Vintage Ad

Cribben & Sexton Company / Universal Combination Range
advertisement from the Saturday Evening Post, 1921.


The range of simplicity and thrift

It is famous for is Simplicity, Economy, Beauty and Compactness. So simple a mere twist of the wrist changes completely from Coal or Wood to Gas. No parts to take out; no dampers to operate. Automatic. Its beauty is enhanced by the durable, unbreakable, Univit Porcelain finish, Peacock Blue or Pearl Grey; washable, sanitary. The equipment includes Baking and Roasting Oven, Pastry Oven, Broiler, Warming Closet, Self-Starter for Gas, Gas Kindler for Coal. At all good dealers’, in plain, nickel or porcelain finish.