Dec 142014

Ivory Soap (1906) Vintage Ad

The Procter & Gamble Company / Ivory Soap
advertisement from the Saturday Evening Post, 1906.


To have clear, healthy skin:
Excercise moderately. Eat wholesome food. Breathe fresh air. Use Ivory Soap and clear, cool water.

What the skin needs is something that will cleanse without injury— something that will open the pores and let them do the work they are intended to do.

Pure soap will do this, and Ivory Soap is pure. No “free” alkali in it; no harmful ingredient of any kind; nothing but soap— soap that is 99 44/100 per cent. pure.

Nov 102014

Sempre Giovine (1916) Vintage Ad

Marietta Stanley Co. / Sempre Giovine Cleanser
advertisement from Motion Picture Magazine, 1916.


Marguerite Snow
Metro Pictures Corporation Star
Uses and recommends
“The Pink Complexion Cake”

Every lover of the screen drama is familiar with Miss Snow’s peculiar charm. Her captivating smile, her rich beauty, her wonderfully clear complexion ─ these have won her thousands or ardent admirers.

Naturally she must guard these qualities with intelligent care. Her choice of Sempre Giovine is ample assurance to you of its superior merit. Read what she says of “The Pink Complexion Cake.”

Sempre Giovine
Pronounced Sem-pray Jo-ve-nay
Meaning “Always Young”

You will find Sempre Giovine delightfully different. In convenient, economical cake form. Easily and quickly applied ─ none of the usual bother. And it keeps the skin soft in texture, the complexion free from all blemishes.

Sempre Giovine can be obtained at every drug and department store. Go to your favorite and get a cake TODAY, or Mail The Coupon with 4¢ to cover cost of packing and mailing for a liberal seven-day cake of Sempre Giovine. The first application will surprise and delight you. Send now.