Dec 242014

Prince Albert Tobacco (1920) Vintage Ad

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. / Prince Albert Tobacco
advertisement from the Saturday Evening Post, 1920.


Slip St. Nick the P.A. wink!

And, you can bet your suspenders against the juiciest turkey joint on the platter he’ll deliver that joy’us pound humidor of Prince Albert tobacco— dolled all dandy in holiday duds— right on the tick-of-the-clock!

For, the old boy’s wise to the Smoke High Sign; he knows what a smoking man needs, and, what this peach-of-a-package means in putting the cheertone into the gift room atmosphere early on the morning of the 25th!

You’ll spot the holly spirit of the big prize the instant it breaks into view! It spells smoke-sport all day Christmas and many days and nights thereafter! It passes out a good-will-message that keeps the merry old fun-mill buzzing at top capacity— and that pet jimmy pipe working to beat the band! For, Prince Albert can’t bite or parch. Both are cut out by our patented process!

It’s Christmas all by itself— this joy-jar-of-P. A.— inside and out!

Paste it in your bonnet that right now’s the time to get in your word for this gift-of-gladness, for St. Nick will be on the job before you’re many days older! Prince Albert is also supplied in handsome pound and half-pound tin humidors, in tidy red tins and toppy red bags— each a man’s choice!

Dec 152014

Chesterfield Cigarettes (1920) Vintage Ad

Liggett & Myers Tobacco Co. / Chesterfield Cigarettes
advertisement from Life magazine, 1920.


“Well, well─ here we are again”

CHESTERFIELD advertising keeps telling you that Chesterfields “satisfy.”

And every day, new hundreds of smokers try Chesterfields and learn the truth─ that Chesterfields do “satisfy.”

Right now, there are over three million smokers─ over three million friends─ who know the “satisfying” quality of Chesterfield’s can’t-be-copied blend of fine Turkish and Domestic tobaccos.

They know─ “They Satisfy.”

Dec 132014

Union Made Service Suits (1920) Vintage Ad

Kohn Manufacturing Company / Union Made “Service Suits”
advertisement from a railroad trade publication, 1920.


HAND-BRAKING was all right before Westinghouse invented the air brakes. “Just overalls” were good enough in the old days but—

“Service” Suits and Overalls are the modern and improved work clothes. They are designed and tailored to fit the man like street clothes. They are painstakingly sewn to outlast the whole tribe of thrown-together overalls.

The dealer will point out as many points of “Service” superiority as you have time to listen to.

Dec 132014

Beech-Nut Ginger Ale (1920) Vintage Ad

Beech-Nut Packing Company / Beech-Nut Ginger Ale
advertisement from Country Life magazine, 1920.


A NEW ginger-ale flavor, created for those who appreciate distinctive flavors. The delicate, aromatic flavor of tropical gingers, blended with mellow friut juices, in sparkling spring water. Just the right piquant tingle, without harshness.

Beech-Nut Birch Beer and Sarsaparilla equally good.


“Foods of Finest Flavor”