Dec 122014

Rambler Automobile (1905) Vintage Ad

Thomas B. Jeffery & Co. / Rambler Automobile
advertisement from a trade journal, 1905.


MANY Ramblers are bought by persons who cannot afford to experiment. Their remarkable popularity is due to the fact that the cost of maintenance is found to be in proportion to the low price. They are built for American roads by American methods.

The earmark of American ingenuity is simplicity, and that earmark is in evidence in every part of the Rambler. Not a part but has some use; every part a means to an end,

Operation is by one lever, pedals and a throttle attached to the steering wheel. The hand that steers is the hand that controls. Ignition is automatic. The working parts are readily accessible, and so simple that adjustments can be made without the help of a mechanic. It is never neccessary to crawl under the machine.

MODEL H, $850, complete with brass oil side lamps, brass horn, pump, oilers, drop-forged wrenches and repair kit. Readily convertible, without expense, into runabout.

For those who wish a larger, more powerful vehicle with the convertible features of the MODEL H, we offer MODEL K-2 which is like a Surrey Type One, except that it has a detachable tonneau and costs $1250 instead of $1350.

Finished in Rambler carmine with brass trim, and complete with brass side, tail and gas headlight, brass horn, drop-forged wrenches, oilers, pump and repair kit.

OTHER MODELS, $650, $750, $850, $1350, $2000, and $3000.