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Prof. Harraden: Hypnotism Book (1901)

Prof. L.A. Harraden / “Key to the Mysteries of Hypnotism” Book
advertisement from a trade journal, 1901.


Everybody who knows how to read should get the wonderful FREE BOOK just issued by Prof. Harraden. By special arrangement it will be sent free and postpaid to any reader of this periodical who writes for it.

lts title is “Key to the Mysteries of Hypnotism,” and if any living man could write such a Key, the Professor is that man. He is unapproachably the greatest hypnotist on this continent, probably in the world. and is reputed to be a millionaire through his teaching of occult science.

His free book is therefore as exquisite in appearance as it is deeply fascinating in contents. Every page is adorned with beautiful and striking pictures that explain the matter, The cover design is a gem of symbolic art. In all respects it is a book to be treasured no less than closely studied. Coming from such a master-hand, the text is highly instructive as well as delightful. It is simple and familiar in style, and free from all technical or abstruse terms. At the same time. it unfolds to view all the secrets, methods, uses and wonders of the hypnotic spell. It teaches the nature of the trance, and the operators boundless control over the minds of his subjects.

Herein it is shown how criminals are detected, how plotting foes can be frustrated, how the slothful and weakminded are spurred to mental activity, and how pain, disease and vicious or degrading habits of every kind can be banished as by a magician’s wand. It also shows how the operator can heal his own maladies and vices by self hypnosis, gain promotion in his employment, win trade, custom, reputation or socal standing, and captivate the affection on which his heart is set, in a word, master all the conditions of health, competence and happiness.

Very full instructions are likewise given on how to use the spell for small or large entertainments, thus opening up another branch of the money making profession of hypnotist. The pictures in this section are irresistibly funny. The most consoling part of it all is that Hypnotism is found to be an art which can easily and quickly be learned by the humblest who reads this book, and that no special gift, training or education is needed to make anybody a first-class hypnotist.

The book is indeed a jewel, and yet ABSOLUTELY FREE. You don’t have to pay a cent for it in any form. Just write for it by letter or postal and you get it by return mail. Send for it at once. If you don’t learn Hypnotism you are lagging behind the new century. Write this very day. Address PROF. L. A. HARRADEN, Jackson, Mich.