Jul 122014

Movie: Under Crison Skies (1920) Vintage Poster

Universal-Jewel Super-Production / Under Crimson Skies
movie advertisement from Photoplay magazine, 1920.

Starring Elmo Lincoln… what a great name!


A Glorious Romance of Love and High-Seas Adventure

TRULY, a great picture. A rousing, stirring picture. A romantic picture. A story that sweeps you up out of your humdrum life and carries you off to sea — to fight with strong, silent Elmo Lincoln against the perils of mutiny on the high SEAS — to fall in love with a beautiful woman and sacrifice liberty for her sake — to make a miraculous escape from the fetid dungeon of a southern republic and  become master of a colony of beach combers, conquering them by might of fist and brain and then — to save the one woman from a terrible fate in the midst of red revolution. Splendidly acted by a great company in outdoor scenes of tempest and sunshine rarely equalled for their marvelous photography.

One of the few big productions of the year.

Starring Elmo Lincoln

Directed by Rex Ingram – Story by J.G. Hawks

Universal-Jewel Super-Production