Jul 112014

Liquid Veneer (1918) Vintage Ad

Buffalo Specialty Company / Liquid Veneer advertisement
from a 1918 issue of Canadian Home Journal.


READ THE WONDERFUL STORY — a story which we will send you, ENTIRELY FREE, telling about the Liquid Veneer Cow, the Champion Cow of the World over all ages and breeds and valued at $150,000, and her connection with that other World Champion, the great home beautifier, Liquid Veneer.

The story tells how the simple idea of using Liquid Veneer on a cloth for ordinary household dusting revolutionized dusting methods, the new method proving so wonderfully effective that it relegated the feather duster to oblivion and made it possible for the president of the Liquid Veneer concern to acquire the greatest herd of pure bred, registered Holstein cattle in the world, including the Champion Liquid Veneer Cow.

Study this ad and write us, telling us what you think is its strongest feature, and we will send you, ENTIRELY FREE, a photo-gravure reproduction of a beautiful painting, by Professor Keller, of this World Champion Cow, and a copy of the story.

JUST THINK OF IT! This great cow has produced 7 3/4 pounds of butter and 52 quarts of milk in a single day, while the ordinary cow produces as a yearly average about 1/2 pound of butter and 5 quarts of milk daily.

When studying this ad don’t forget that good old Liquid Veneer is dear to the hearts of millions of housewives all over the world, because of its wonderful help in keeping their homes beautiful and sanitary and almost entirely eliminating the great expense of refinishing.

Don’t forget that you can make YOUR piano, victrola, furniture, woodwork, picture frames, interior woodwork, hardwood floors, linoleum, white enamel and tile all look like new and keep them so with Liquid Veneer.

You get the same high quality at the same old prices, 25¢, 50¢, $1.00. If you have never used Liquid Veneer, try it today, for dusting. You will be delighted.