Dec 152014

Enterprise Food Chopper (1898) Vintage Ad

The Enterprise Mfg. Co. / Meat And Food Chopper
advertisement from McClure’s Magazine, 1898.


Fish Cakes, Meat Cakes, clam chowder, chicken salad, corn fritters, cocoanut cake, hash, sausage and mince meat are but a few of the things you can prepare with the aid of the Enterprise NEW Meat and Food Chopper.

Chops any kind of food, cooked or uncooked. Does the work so easy it’s no work at all. Saves enough food to pay for itself. Is easily cleaned and never gets out of order.

Sold by all hardware dealers. Price No. 2, $1.50. No. 4, $2.00. Our trademark “Enterprise” is on every machine.  Send 4¢ in stamps for the “Enterprise Housekeeper.” 200 recipes.