Jul 042014

Dalion Phonograph (1919) Vintage Ad

Milwaukee Talking Machine Mfg. Co. / The Dalion Phonograph
advertisement from a 1919 issue of Motion Picture Magazine.

The MP3 player / iPod of the time with it’s “Auto-File” and “Automatic Brain”,
pretty impressive for 1919.


Like a Rare Violin — Instrumentalized

More than a faultless phonograph — the Dalion gives you every subtle shade and expression of famous voice or difficult instrument — and it breathes into this reborn music a soft, mellow beauty that enriches the original creation — a rounded perfection of tone that has no parallel among other phonographs.

For the Dalion is the phonograph instrumentalized. The skill that produces a rare violin finds its highest expression in the Dalion’s perfected tonal development. Combined with musical superiority are cabinets of exquisite beauty and exclusive features that contribute substantially to the owner’s satisfaction.

The ingenious “Auto-File” in the Dalion is the simplest, most convenient method of keeping records — and in addition, its marvelous “automatic brain” keeps every record in the right compartment, refusing to eject a second record until the used record is returned — to its correct indexed space.