Dec 152014

Enterprise Food Chopper (1898) Vintage Ad

The Enterprise Mfg. Co. / Meat And Food Chopper
advertisement from McClure’s Magazine, 1898.


Fish Cakes, Meat Cakes, clam chowder, chicken salad, corn fritters, cocoanut cake, hash, sausage and mince meat are but a few of the things you can prepare with the aid of the Enterprise NEW Meat and Food Chopper.

Chops any kind of food, cooked or uncooked. Does the work so easy it’s no work at all. Saves enough food to pay for itself. Is easily cleaned and never gets out of order.

Sold by all hardware dealers. Price No. 2, $1.50. No. 4, $2.00. Our trademark “Enterprise” is on every machine.  Send 4¢ in stamps for the “Enterprise Housekeeper.” 200 recipes.

Jul 022014

OilPull Motor (1920) Vintage Ad

Advance-Rumely Thresher Co. / OilPull Motor
advertisement from 1920 faming trade publication


OilPull Quality — proved by the remarkable 10-year OilPull Record of Performance — is well demonstrated by the OilPull motor, the finest tractor motor in the world.

This is a broad statement — but it is amply borne out by the facts. The OilPull motor possesses more genuine quality in materials and workmanship than many of the finest automobile engines. It is the type of tractor motor that has proved the most efficient and durable in public and private tests for the past 10 years — two cylinder, low speed, heavy duty, valve in-head.

And these are the outstanding features of this OilPull motor:

  • — it is built complete in Advance-Rumely factories.
  • — it stands absolutely alone for fuel economy — especially built for fuel oils and guaranteed in writing to operate successfully on kerosene under all conditions.
  • — it follows automobile practice in machining — 37 motor parts, including the cylinders, are ground to the thousandth part of an inch.
  • — it is the only oil cooled tractor motor — unaffected by extremes of heat and cold.
  • — its crankshaft is built to U. S. naval specifications — 80,000 pounds tensile strength as against the usual 50,000 pounds.
  • — it is throttle governed—the speed of the engine automatically and instantaneously adjusted to meet changes in the load.
  • — the belt wheel runs directly off crankshaft — no intermediate gears — clutch operates from driver’s seat.
  • — it employs a fresh oil system of combined force feed and splash — equipped with Madison-Kipp lubricator.
  • — it is equipped with a Bosch High Tension Magneto, the best and most expensive magneto made.
  • — all moving parts, including governor are enclosed.
  • — all parts are easy of access.

The OilPull is made in four sizes — 12-20, 16-30, 20-40 and 30-60 H. P. — standard in design. They are oil cooled, oil burning and are backed by a written guarantee, and these exclusive features together with the high quality of its motor makes the OilPull a most satisfactory tractor from every angle for the dealer.