Dec 142014

Smith & Wesson Revolver (1893) Vintage Ad

Smith & Wesson / S&W Ancient Moorish Design Revolver
advertisement from a trade publication, 1893.


THIS Illustrastion represents one of a collection of beautifully decorated Smith & Wesson Revolvers to be seen in our Exhibit in the Department if Liberal Arts at the World’s Fair.

BEAUTY of Design and Finish are the most noticeable features of the Smith & Wesson Revolvers and these, combined with the more practical qualities of Force, Accuracy, Reliability, Durability, Convenience and Safety, have gained for them their reputation for excellence.

The superior quality of material used in their construction and the rigid inspection to which they are subjected for workmanship and stock enable us to guarantee them perfect in every detail.

—> Beware of misleading advertisements, issued by unscrupulous dealers to deceive, and of worthless imitations of our goods, substituted by them for the genuine article.

Send Stamp for Full Catalogue with detailed description.

Jul 162014

.25 Caliber COLT Firearm (1912) Vintage Ad

Colt’s Patent Fire Arms Mfg. Co. / The .25 Caliber Colt Firearm
advertisement from a 1912 issue of the Saturday Evening Post.


This compact little COLT “Six-Shooter” is only 4 1/2 inches long, weighs but 13 ounces, yet has the speed, accuracy, and hard-hitting qualities that give confidence in an emergency.

Shoots metal-jacketed bullets as fast as the trigger is pulled; ejects the empty shells and reloads automatically for each shot.

Combined with these features is ABSOLUTE SAFETY FROM ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE — the Grip Safety automatically locks the action until the trigger is purposely pulled — no worry on your part.

“You Can’t Forget to Make it Safe!”

Write for free Catalog No. 85, descriptive of all COLTS in calibers .22 to .45.