Jul 012014

Ball Watch (1916) Vintage Ad

An illustrated Web C. Ball Watch Co. advertisement (1916)


Is the Limited on Time Today?

As she steams into the station, put this question to fifty persons waiting there. To a railroad man, the answers are amusing because the ordinary watch, usually purchased on price, is no guide to true and accurate time. It never receives systematic inspection and only casual regulation brought on by necessity.

Now ask the man in the cab or the conductor who carries the

Twentieth Century Model

He will tell you time to the second. His Ball watch is the standard by which traffic on his line moves — second by second — month by month — year by year. His watch ticks in unison with hundreds of watches owned by the other boys who are also “generals of transportation.”

Only certain watches — built by test — will “toe the mark” for each watch must answer severe requirements. The Ball Twentieth Century model, is created a bit better than requirements demand. This is just one of the good reasons why the new watch buyer will ask to see the Ball.

If your dealer cannot show you the Ball Watch, send his name and address, and we will arrange for you to see one.