Jul 012014

Automatic Electric Telephone (1916) Vintage Ad

Automatic Electric Co. / Automatic Telephone advertisement
from a 1916 issue of Collier’s magazine.


A few years ago in the neighborhood of every gold mine was a hill of worked over ore or “tailings.” Mine operators knew that these “tailings” still contained some gold, but they knew also that it would cost more than the gold was worth to try and reclaim it with the methods and equipment then at their command. With the aid of improvised methods and equipment, mine owners have found that the CONSERVATION of the apparently small percentage of waste gold which used to go into the “tailings” adds millions to their total output every year.

Approximately one week per year of the time of every telephone user in your organization is slipping through as “tailings” which can easily and profitably be conserved with the aid of the AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE.

This statement is conservative and can be positively and convincingly proved.

Here, very briefly, is the story:

Over 30% of the traffic through the average private switchboard is composed of calls between members of the same organization. (Your operators can easily make a tabulation which will give you the exact percentage in your own case.)

The time consumed in getting the operator’s attention, giving the desired name or number, its repetition by the operator, the making of the connection by cords and plugs, and finally ringing the called party’s phone — has been found to average 25 seconds per call (Keep your watch on the desk in front of you and prove this statement for yourself)

The AUTOMATIC TELEPHONE requires no operator. Simply lift the receiver—turn the dial at the base of the instrument (See illustration above) for the desired number — and the bell of the called phone rings instantly, automatically and intermittently until the phone is answered or you disconnect by hanging up the receiver.

The maximum time will not exceed 7 seconds — a clear saving of at least 18 seconds on every call. Multiply by 30, the average number of intercommunicating calls per instrument per day — then by the number of telephone users — then by the average wage — and the huge dollars-and-cents value of AUTOMATIC intercommunicating telephone service begins to become apparent.

In addition —

The AUTOMATIC insures absolute secrecy — no one can possibly “listen in” —  no one need even know the number you are calling.

The service is perfect — no wrong numbers, no broken connections while you are still talking — no delays.

A private conference may be held over the Automatic between any number of persons.

The AUTOMATIC is in service 24 hours a day — 365 days a year.

lt is a highly profitable investment — not a perpetual expense.

The subject warrants your further investigation. A request over your signature will bring you a manual, “Your Telephone — Asset or Liability.” which has been carefully prepared for the consideration of executives. instruct your secretary to send for a copy today

Makers of 600,000 Automatic Telephones in Use the World Over.